Rose Pacheco

Rose graduated from college in Omaha, NE with a degree in greenhouse management. Her horticulture career started in the college she attended, first working as a greenhouse assistant. She quickly grew there and was offered a position with Kiewitt to teach and build organic food gardens around Omaha. For several years she taught thousands of children and adults how to grow and maintain food plants. While in college she also pursued a minor in entomology, with an emphasis on integrated pest management. From here Rose set out to learn how to grow food in different parts of the country. Starting with Phoenix, AZ she quickly learned new techniques to challenging environmental hurdles, such as water conservation during extreme heat. After which she moved to Eugene, OR where she learned different types of permaculture. Rose has worked and voluteered on many different farms and botanicals over the years, some working as an intern while others put her in charge of IPM, garden designs, and greenhouses. She has even completed the masters gardeners program and has been EPA certified. Now with her latest and last move to Florida she hopes to learn more new and interesting techniques and apply them to a teaching farm and greenhouse of her own one day.