Chan Ho Park

Dr. Park received his PhD in biology at Chung-Ang University in Korea for research on the biosynthetic pathway and the gene regulation of a plant growth-promoting hormone, brassinosteroid. He identified several target genes of brassinosteroid-regulated transcription factors and the molecular mechanism of gene regulation. After his PhD, he moved to Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford for his postdoc research. His postdoc research was focused on plant innate immune signaling pathway and signaling cross-talks by protein-protein interactions. At Carnegie he developed his expert in plant-microbe interaction, protein-protein interactions, and proteomics techniques. He discovered multiple signaling networks of key signaling molecules involved in plant defense and growth pathways. During his academic research, he published over 20 peer-reviewed papers and 9 first-authored research articles. He also served as a lab manager and mentor and provided bright working environment. In Soilcea, his research experience conveys successful development of HLB and canker-resistant citrus varieties and his management roles help us to make efficient, passionate and happy working environment.