Dusica Coltrane

Dusica Coltrane has a MSc in Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources from Wageningen University and Research Center. She has over 14 years of experience in plant tissue culture working in the Cell Biology Department at Seminis/Monsanto. For 4 years, Dusica led the Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) Protoplast Program and North American Cell Biology team at Bayer Crop Science. Dusica has been involved in developing many varieties from commercial crops available at grocery stores around the world. Some examples include the High Rise broccoli type, instrumental for time-saving machine harvesting, winning the Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award competition by Produce Marketing Association, the Brilliant White cauliflower varieties besides the tasty nutrition offer snow white cauliflower head seen in stores, as well as different varieties of melon, cucumber and many other vegetable crops. At Soilcea, Dusica is the Lead Protoplast Scientist, primary focused on developing new, non-GMO citrus plants for commercialization.